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Terms of Purchase and Sale of Goods
1. General rules
1.1. These Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Sale of Goods (in the text - Rules) are approved by the Customer (ie by reading the Terms and ticking the box on the Website - statement "I agree to the Terms"). a legally binding document that is considered an integral part of the Terms and Conditions and specifies the rights and obligations of the Customer and (or) the Buyer (in the text Customer or Buyer) and the Seller, Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Payment for the Goods, Delivery and Return Rules of the Goods; Order, Parties' Responsibilities, and Other Terms and Conditions Related to the Purchase of Goods - Terms of Sale on the Website. 1.2. Cosmetic Prime Ltd. has the exclusive right to distribute branded (trademarked) products and products in the territory of Latvia, called Glossco Professional, owned by Global Cosmetic Technology, Spain, (hereinafter referred to as the Product), both for professional and non-professional consumers. The Seller shall provide the Customer with the opportunity to choose and order (by making a Goods Order), as well as to enter into a contract for the purchase of the Goods on the Website. 1.3. The online shop is sold and the purchased Goods are delivered to the territory of the Republic of Latvia. 1.4. Buy Items The website is entitled to: 1.4.1. natural persons with legal capacity, persons who have reached the age of majority, whose actions are not restricted in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law; 1.4.2. legal persons represented by a person acting in accordance with the instruments of incorporation of that legal person; 1.4.3. authorized representatives of all the aforesaid persons, submitting a document certifying the right to act on behalf of such natural or legal person (proxy, procuration, etc.). 1.5. The essential terms of the Agreement and the information on the Ordered Goods are submitted to the Buyer (1) at the moment of submission of the Goods Order on the Website, or (2) together with the automatically generated Seller's electronic message "New Order" sent to the Buyer at the Goods the e-mail address specified by him for the order. 1.6. is designed to sell products for both professional use and everyday use. In this regard, the Buyer is obliged to make an appropriate registration on the website in the relevant customer category, either as a professional or as a non-professional user. 1.7. If the Products are purchased for use and use for professional, commercial or other qualified purposes (cosmetologist, hairdresser, specialist, etc.), the Customer needs an appropriate document on vocational education or training (certificate) and when ordering products at, the Customer is obliged to register for the relevant professional client category. When registering, the customer confirms that he is a certified specialist and gets acquainted with the instructions attached to the order, assumes responsibility for the use and use of the products, assumes all the associated risks and is fully responsible for the possible consequences in this regard. 1.8. Cometic Prime Ltd. is not a manufacturer of goods and is not responsible for its quality, possible defects or imperfections, including any liability for any consequences arising from the use or use of the product. All information provided on the product at is for informational purposes only and, if necessary, the Customer is obliged to comply with the instructions, recommendations or prohibitions specified by the manufacturer for the goods in question.

=2. Ordering goods

2.1. You can order Products on the Website in two ways:

2.1.1. by registering on the Website (creating an account) and logging in to the Account by entering your email address and password;

2.1.2. without registering for the Account (as a Guest), however, the Product Order Confirmation Form must provide Personal Information through the website tools.

2.2. When ordering Goods in the types indicated in 2.1.1. and 2.1.2. , the Customer must provide his / her Personal Information required for the proper execution of the Goods Order in the relevant information fields specified on the Website: name, surname, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address. By submitting a Product Order and expressing its consent "I agree to the Terms and Conditions", the Buyer unconditionally confirms that he / she has the right to purchase the Goods on the Website and conclude the Purchase Agreement.

2.3. In all cases, prior to approval of the Goods Order in accordance with the procedure set out in this Section of the Terms, the Buyer shall familiarize himself / herself with the wording of the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of placing the order and express his consent to them. The Buyer shall acknowledge the acceptance and consent of the Terms of Reference in the manner and under the conditions set forth in the Terms of Use of the Website. The Goods Order may be submitted and received by the Seller for processing only if the Buyer is familiar with and accepts the Terms. In all other cases, where the Buyer disagrees with the Terms or any part thereof, he is not entitled to order the Products on the Website.

2.3. In order to conclude the Agreement on the Purchase of Goods, the Customer shall perform the technical activities indicated on the Website, as well as following the notices and (or) links indicated on the Website, the Customer shall submit to the Seller the Goods Order:

2.3.1. select one or more Products offered on the Website and, with the details of each item to be purchased (number of items, etc.), and by clicking on the "Add to Cart" link on the Website, add them to your Continue Shopping - Continue Payment

2.3.2. after creating the Shopping Cart, t. i. After you have selected all the Goods required for the purchase, click on the Goods basket icon on the Website (labeled "Shopping Cart"), which will lead the Customer to another web window where he / she will be able to view his / her choice (order data). By clicking on the icon "Buy", the Customer will be redirected to another Website window where, upon joining the Account / creating an Account (if this was not done before) or choosing to shop with the Guest's rights, and then entering / selecting the data requested by the Website ( the delivery address, form of payment and other information requested by the Website) will be able to approve the Goods Order submitted to the Seller.

2.4. The Customer approves the submitted Goods Order by clicking on the icon called "Pay". Until now, the Buyer has the right to change the order of the Goods by changing the selected Goods and / or Goods data, delivery information and the type of payment for the Goods.

2.5. After the Customer has complied with Clause 2.3. and 2.4. in accordance with the procedure set out above, approve the Goods Order, expressed on the basis of the Customer's will, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, to conclude with the Seller the Agreement for the Purchase of Goods on the Website.

2.6. By confirming receipt of the Goods Order submitted by the Customer, the Seller shall send an automatically generated electronic message with the subject " - confirmation of order" to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer, which shall contain all the necessary Order Order data.

2.7. Upon receipt of the Goods Order submitted for execution, the Seller shall immediately check whether the Goods (by type, quantity, etc.) specified in the Goods Order are in the Seller's warehouse. If the Seller cannot deliver to the Customer (Buyer) all or part of the ordered Goods in accordance with the procedures specified in these Conditions, the Customer will be informed of the relevant Order status and will make a decision on its execution (partial execution or complete refusal (cancellation)). In any case, the Seller reserves the right to cancel such an order, including the circumstances referred to in paragraph 2.10, within 3 (three) business days from the date of submission of the Goods Order approved by the Customer (clause 2.6 of this Article). (The Seller will do its best to inform the Customer about the status of the Goods Order as soon as possible).

2.8. By familiarizing with the Terms, agreeing to them and committing to them, the Buyer confirms that he or she does not object to the Terms being given to the Buyer separately in writing (in paper form) unless otherwise agreed by the Contracting Parties. In all cases, if the Buyer wishes, may review, save and (or) print the Terms, they may be downloaded from the Website or contact the Seller with an appropriate request via

2.9. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the unauthorized use of the Account by third parties. In the event that any other person fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions, and will place an Order for the Goods using the Account, it shall be deemed that the Buyer has ordered and / or purchased the Goods.

2.10. The Seller reserves the right to execute only those approved Goods Orders where the Goods Order and other data necessary for the purchase and (or) delivery of the Goods (including the delivery address of the Goods, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) were submitted correctly and accurately; The Seller has not determined the Customer's fraudulent features (including violation of the Website's protection, unauthorized use of the Website System, foreign Customer's access and use of the Password or use of another person's name).

2.11. By expressing consent to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees that his Personal Data referred to in 2.2. will be processed on the Goods and Services website (electronic commerce) and for direct marketing purposes. The Seller confirms that the Personal Information provided by the Buyer in connection with the Order of Goods and the conclusion of the Agreement will be used on the Website for concluding the Purchase and Sale Transactions of the Goods and for execution purposes, in accordance with the Seller's Privacy Policy.

2.12. By agreeing to his Personal Information being processed on the Seller's Merchandise Website (electronic commerce), the Customer also agrees that the e-mail and phone number specified by him will be used to deliver the information messages required to complete the Order.

3. The moment of conclusion of the purchase / sale contract

3.1. The Submission of the Goods to be Selled on the Website does not create any liability to the Seller. The Purchase and Sale Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller shall be deemed concluded from the moment when the Buyer receives the Seller's electronic message on " - order confirmation" (or equivalent message) and the Buyer pays for the Goods. The Buyer's option to cancel the Agreement is set out in Section 8 of these Terms and Conditions. 3.2. Together with the Order submitted by the Buyer's Website, these Terms and Conditions become a contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller, which is a binding legal document for both parties to the Agreement.

4. Buyer's rights and obligations

4.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase the goods in the online store in accordance with the procedures specified in these Rules. 4.2. The Buyer, who is a consumer, has the right to withdraw from the Agreement in accordance with Section 8 of these Terms and Conditions. 4.3. By creating your own Account on the site, the Buyer undertakes not to pass on your site data to third parties. If the Buyer loses his site's membership data, then the Seller must be notified immediately by

5. Price of goods, payment procedure and terms

6.1. All prices on the Website and in the Product Order are expressed in Euro and include VAT and other taxes (if applicable). The Seller offers to purchase the Goods on the Website with delivery in the territory of the Republic of Latvia. Therefore, if, with a separate agreement between the Buyer and the Seller, the Goods are delivered outside the Republic of Latvia and (or) the European Union, the Buyer will be liable for the taxes related to the Product, including but not limited to any import, import, VAT. and other taxes, if applicable. 6.2. Delivery Costs and / or Other Third Party Services Costs (if applicable) The price of the Goods (s) is not included unless the Website clearly states and declares that, under certain conditions, the delivery of the Goods is free of charge. The applicable delivery costs of the goods are indicated and submitted to the Buyer at the moment of ordering the Goods. 6.3. Goods may be subject to discounts that are not aggregated, except where specific discounts or promotional terms do not provide otherwise, and are expressly stated and published on the Website and (or) in any other Terms of Reference. 6.4. The Seller shall have the right to change the Price of the Product indicated on the Website upon the Customer's order request only if it relates to technical errors in the Information System on the Website. In the above-mentioned circumstances, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer of the change in the price of the Product and agree with the further execution of the Order of the Product. If the Buyer does not agree to purchase the product at the new price, the Buyer's order will be canceled and, if the Buyer has already paid the price of the Goods and (or) for the delivery of the Goods, all amounts paid will be refunded to the Buyer. 6.5. The Buyer shall, at its own discretion, pay for the Goods and the delivery of the Goods (if the Goods are separately charged and calculated for the price of the Goods) in one of the following ways: 6.5.1. Prepayment for the Goods (i.e., prior to the delivery and delivery of the Goods to the Buyer) via the electronic payment service through the Seller's approved billing systems published on the Website. If you choose to pay for the Goods in the manner specified in this Clause, then you may be subject to the terms of use of the relevant website to which the Customer will be redirected and to the processing of personal data; 6.5.2. Credit card or debit card payment or PayPal (international payment system with payment cards). 6.6. Paying for the Goods 6.5.1. and 6.5.2. the Buyer undertakes to pay for the Goods immediately. Upon receipt of the payment operator's confirmation of your payment for the Goods, the creation of the Goods shipment starts and the calculation of the delivery term of the Goods referred to in paragraph 7.2. above. If the Buyer fails to comply with the obligation to pay for the Goods, the Buyer shall be deemed to have waived the Contract and the Seller shall have no obligation to the Buyer arising from this Agreement. As a result, the Seller has the right to cancel the Buyer's order without prior notice if the Buyer, by choosing 6.5.1. and 6.5.2. of the payment method specified in the above paragraphs shall not be paid for the Goods. 6.7. In any case, when the Product Order is submitted, after the Contract is concluded, the Buyer agrees that the electronic invoice of the order with purchase data will be sent to the e-mail address indicated at the time of purchase. Invoice is sent to e-mail on working days. Please note that if the Buyer is a VAT payer, it is mandatory to include the Buyer's VAT number in the "Comments and Additional Information" field.

7. Delivery of goods

7.1.The Buyer chooses the delivery of the Goods through the Courier during the order (creation) of the order. Before delivery of the Goods you will be contacted by the Courier and the delivery details will be agreed. To this end, at the time of ordering the Goods, the Buyer undertakes to select and specify the exact type of the Goods (delivery) and the delivery address (if delivered by the Courier). Delivery costs (if applicable and / or applicable depending on the type of delivery of the Goods selected by the Buyer) are indicated and submitted to the Buyer on the Website at the moment of ordering the Goods. 7.2. If the Seller, due to serious circumstances, is unable to deliver the Goods ordered to the Buyer (and if it is not possible to offer an equivalent or better product with his or her qualities) within 5 (five) business days, he shall return the money paid to the Buyer if it was made in accordance with Rule 6.5.1. . point. 7.3. Goods are deemed to have been delivered (delivered) to the Buyer upon signing of the Goods Delivery - Acceptance (Delivery and (or) Withdrawal) Document (for example, delivery note, invoice, etc. of the third party (Courier) providing the delivery service) . The Buyer confirms that he is aware of the fact that by signing the delivery of the Goods - acceptance (delivery and (or) receipt of the receipt, accidental loss of the Goods and (or) damage to the Buyer).

7.4. The quantity of goods and their packaging are checked at the time of delivery of the Goods to the Buyer. If there is a lack of Goods at the time of delivery of the Goods, damage to the Goods and / or the Goods Packaging, such defects shall be stated in the Document of Delivery of the Goods, and the Seller shall be notified thereof in writing immediately after the contacts indicated on the Website or the Terms. In such a case, the damage caused by the Seller's fault shall be rectified in the order and terms agreed upon by the Buyer and the Seller. Subsequently, the Customer's claims regarding the quantity of the Goods transferred and / or the packaging will not be accepted.

7.5. The Buyer must notify the Seller in writing of any apparent defects in the quality of the Goods (damage to the packaging, quantity discrepancy, etc.) immediately, but not later than within 1 (one) day from the date of delivery of the Goods (otherwise, upon expiry of the term, the Buyer will not be able to file claims against the Seller for obvious surrender). Product defects). In such cases, the provisions of paragraph 7.6. point. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this paragraph does not apply when the Website clearly indicates that the packaging of the Goods sold is defective and the Goods are sold at a lower price, respectively. It is believed that when ordering such Goods, the Buyer agrees to purchase them under certain circumstances and may not claim or claim any defects or defects in the Goods packaging in the future.

8. Right of withdrawal of the Agreement, Return and replacement of the Goods

8.1. The defects of the Goods sold are eliminated, goods of poor quality are exchanged, returned and / or canceled in accordance with the applicable law and in accordance with the procedure provided for in these Rules. 8.2. If the Buyer is a Consumer, he reserves the right not to give reasons for refusing to notify the Seller in writing not later than within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the delivery of the Goods (delivery date). In the event that the Agreement covers and is concluded in connection with the purchase of several Goods delivered separately to the Consumer, the right to cancel the Agreement shall expire after 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of delivery (delivery) of the Goods under the Agreement. 8.3. If the Customer wishes to withdraw from the Agreement, the Consumer shall submit the Goods Return Request to the Seller in a free form (the Consumer may also use the Contract Refusal Document and attach the Purchase Document from the Seller., or submit to the Seller through the Website functionality by clicking on the appropriate Product Refusal button and performing other actions requested by the Website. 8.4. In accordance with the procedure set out in this section, when the Seller is notified of the denial of the Agreement, the Buyer, who is the Consumer, must, within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of the Seller's relevant notice, deliver the Product to the Seller (if it was already given to him) by sending it (using courier services) to: "Cosmetic Prime" Ltd., Sporta iela 15, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia. 8.5. The Seller must return all payments received by the Customer who is a Consumer, including the delivery costs of the Goods, if they were applied (with the exception of the additional costs incurred by the Buyer to choose a different than the cheapest way of delivery offered on the Website), but in any case not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date when the Seller was informed of the decision to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Seller shall refund to the Buyer the amount paid by using the same form of payment used by the Customer in the original payment transaction, unless the Buyer agrees to another Seller's offer. The Seller may not refund the sums paid to the Buyer (the price of the Product and (or) delivery costs) until the Goods are returned to the Seller or until the Buyer provides written evidence that the Product has been shipped to the Seller (whichever is earlier). 8.6. The following conditions must be met when the Buyer returns the Goods: 8.6.1. The product must be returned in its original, undamaged packaging (this item is not applicable if the Low Quality Product is returned); 8.6.2. The Product shall not be damaged by the Buyer; 8.6.3. The product may not look used, may not lose its commercial appearance (this point is not applicable if a defective Product is returned); 8.6.4. The Buyer must return a set of Goods received from the Seller; 8.6.5. You must submit the Product Purchase Document; 8.6.6. The Buyer may not return the Goods purchased from the Seller or intentionally or negligently damaged (subject to chemical agents, open flame, high temperature, sharp objects, etc.) or if the use or storage of the Product has been violated or the Goods have been used wrong or inappropriate. 8.7. The Seller shall have the right not to accept the Goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer fails to comply with the return procedure specified in this section. The Buyer is responsible for the value of the Product, which is reduced by the activities / factors / circumstances that are not necessary to determine the nature, qualities and composition of the Goods.

9. Marketing measures applied by the seller

9.1. The Seller reserves the right, at its own discretion, to place and / or cancel offers, promotions or changes in the Prices of the Goods published on the Website or any material or content of the Website at any time, without prejudice to the Customer's rights, including the terms of the Agreement concluded prior to such amendment.

10. Exchange of information

10.1. The Seller shall send all notices to the Buyer in accordance with Clause 2.2. to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer in accordance with the procedure specified in Clause 3.1. 10.2. The Customer shall send all the messages and questions to the Seller to this Article 11.3. for the contacts listed in point.

11. Final Terms

11.1. The Buyer and the Seller agree that all disputes related to performance, breach, cancellation or invalidity of the Contract, claims and / or disputes shall be settled by negotiation. If the Parties fail to reach an agreement, the disputes shall be settled in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, as determined by the procedure of use of the Website. 11.2. The Seller has the right to amend or supplement the Terms as provided in the Terms of Use of the Website, therefore, when placing a Order for Goods, the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale of Goods, which were in force at the moment of Ordering the Goods, will apply. In all cases, the Buyer undertakes to familiarize himself with the Terms of Purchase and Sale of the Goods prior to each purchase of the Goods, noting that he / she is familiar with the Terms. In this way, the Buyer confirms that he has read and understood the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of ordering the Goods, which are published on the Website, including the current version of the Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Sale of Goods. 11.3. If you would like to inform us of any violation of the Terms, if you have any questions, claims, or need our help with the interpretation or application of the Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Sale of Goods, please contact us at or send to address: "Cosmetic Prime" Ltd., Sporta Street 15, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia. We will respond to your questions in writing within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the question. OUR CONTACT INFORMATION

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